Bluffers Park in east Toronto at Brimley Road and Lake Ontario, 9 April 2007

Scroll down for five photos of Red-necked and Horned Grebes and Kumlien's Iceland Gulls.


About 500 staging Red-necked Grebes were calling, courting and resting. 9 April 2007.


This horned Grebe is molting into alternate (breeding) plumage. 9 April 2007


This adult Kumlien's Iceland Gull in alternate (breeding) plumage has an all white head, new white subscapulars and new white tertial crescent. 9 April 2007. Same bird below.


Head shot of Adult Kumlien's Iceland Gull showing pale eye with spots of darker pigmentation. 9 April 2007.


One of two first year Iceland Gulls that were on the beach and at the water settlement ponds. 9 April 2007.