Carden Alvar - Ontario's Grassland and Shrubland Bird Capital

Field Chickweed blooming in May on Cameron Ranch. Scroll down for 8 photos.


Loggerhead Shrike banded by researchers. Twelve pairs are nesting on the Carden Alvar as of early June this year, 2007. Digiscoped from the public roadside in June 2006.


Wilson's Snipe along Wylie Road on 22 April 2007.


Male Bobolink in fresh alternate (breeding) plumage along Wylie Road. Pale feather tips soon wear off making it much blacker and whiter by early summer. 22 May 2007.


Sedge Wren Marsh beside Wylie Road is named after the Sedge Wrens that breed here. This is consistently the best spot every year in Ontario to see this elusive wren. They sing throughout the day and sometimes at night. 22 May 2007.


American Bittern creeping through sedges at the Sedge Wren Marsh on Wylie Road. The patch of white shoulder feathers is normally concealed, but expands into a conspicuous ruff during display. 22 May 2007.


Blanding's Turtle (yellow throat) and Painted Turtle (striped throat) sharing a log on 22 May 2007.


Loggerhead Shrike on hawthorn bush behind bluebird box 10 along Wylie Road. More birders have seen their first (life bird) Loggerhead Shrike at this location on the Carden Alvar than anywhere in Ontario.


Typical shrike habitat behind bluebird box 10.


Carden Alvar Birding Guide - by Ron Pittaway