Update - 4 Young Merlins - 14 July 2015

On 14 July, we discovered a fourth young Merlin. All four were moving about near the nest at the top of the White Pine in the garden. As they grow and are more active they are easier to see. We are pleased the nest survived the big storm packing high winds and heavy rain on the night of 22-23 June, and another storm less than a week later.


The young Merlins spread their wings as if trying them out. They are doing short flights between branches. Also they run along branches like squirrels. White blotches coating the pine needles and branches are down feathers. 14 July 2015.


This young Merlin flew down to a lower branch, then flew back up to the nest. Downy feathers are still showing on the right flank. 15 July 2015.


Link to Hatched Merlins on 12 and 13 July


Link to adult Merlin in the garden on 21 June 2015

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