Four Merlins Fledge in Toronto

All four young Merlins fledged from the nest in our back garden. This morning, 18 July, they perched together high on the same branch in our neighbour's tall maple. Quickly this week they advanced from being covered in downy feathers on 12 July, to fledging in full juvenal plumage. Brookbanks Ravine, Toronto.


Two juveniles share a nestling that a parent Merlin brought in at 9:00 a.m. Not sure what species it is. Very few passerines are in the immediate area of the nest, though in the ravine are several American Robins gathering food. 18 July 2015.


As the heat increased to 26 C, the juvenile Merlins sought shade in the canopy of the maple. I will miss them when they leave. 18 July 2015


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