Algonquin  Park - 8  to 10 April 2017

Male Evening Grosbeak at the Algonquin Park Visitor Centre on 8 April 2017. This super attractive finch has been at the Visitor Centre feeders all winter.


Thanks to Eleanor Beagan for lending me her camera after I dropped mine and broke it.

Female Evening Grosbeak at Algonquin Park Visitor Centre on 8 April 2017.


Female Evening Grosbeaks have interesting white circles down each side on the tail forming a neat pattern. 8 April 2017.


Evening Grosbeaks and Pine Siskins feeding on sunflower seeds and mixed seed. 8 April 2017.


Canada Jay for our National Bird - We prefer the name Canada Jay (Perisoreus canadensis) and we will get it back!

Canada Jay at Spruce Bog Boardwalk parking lot. Canada Jays love soft food, especially cheese, raisins and wieners. They are friendly and comfortable around people. These Canada Jays are all banded as part of a long-term project by Dan Strickland. 9 April 2017.


This Canada Jay is carrying a transmitter (sticking out beyond tail) that will help researchers understand more about its movements. 9 March 2017.


Pine Siskin at Algonquin Park Visitor Centre on 8 April 2017, one of about 60-65 siskins coming to the feeders during the winter. 8 April 2017


Pine Siskin in flight showing the yellow wing stripe and yellow markings in the tail. Visitor Centre on 8 April 2017.



Female Moose resting on the trail near Km 8. It didn't try to run away. Its coat is in excellent shape, showing little damage from Winter Ticks, which normally happens at this time of year. 9 April 2017.