Cattle Egrets in Durham near Cranberry Marsh

First there was one Cattle Egret found by Brandon McWalters on 1 November 2017, then there were two the next morning on 2nd. Here they are with Angus cattle at the corner of Highway 2 and Lake Ridge Road, not far from Cranberry Marsh in Durham Region, east of Toronto.


Video Cattle Egret at home with Angus cattle on 6 November 2017

Two Cattle Egrets at the cattle farm on 2 November 2017


Two were still there on 6 November 2017, when this photo was taken. However after a very cold few days around 9-10 November, only one was still there.


6 November 2017.Following the cattle as they grazed in late afternoon.


The cattle scare up insects and larvae as they graze and wander about the pastures. 6 November 2017


This beautiful three year-old bull takes care of the herd.