Carden Alvar in June 2017

Eastern Loggerhead Shrike - one of  less than 20 birds this breeding season on the Carden Alvar. The precipitous decline in their population continues despite the captive breeding program and what appears to be ample habitat. 10 June 2017


Upland Sandpiper using a fencepost to watch over nest or young in the grass. Carden Alvar on 10 June 2017.


Click on photo above or this link for Midland Painted Turtle crossing Prospect Road to the safety of the marsh on Prospect Road, Carden Alvar on 10 June 2017


Click on photo above for this link for video of Common Raven being mobbed by Red-winged Blackbirds on Prospect Road, Carden Alvar on 10 June 2017.


Vocal young Common Ravens waiting for a duck egg to feed its parent has taken from a duck nest. Prospect Road on the Carden Alvar, 10 June 2017


 Link to Ron Pittaway's Carden Alvar Birding Guide: