Carolina Wren at Feeder in our Toronto Garden

We are delighted that a Carolina Wren is coming to our feeders in Toronto. It gets along well with the other birds on the suet feeder and isn't afraid of the woodpeckers. 23 December 2017. Toronto has a small permanent population of Carolina Wrens because they are non migratory. We counted it for the Toronto Christmas Bird Count.They are the only wren that comes to feeders.


VIDEO: Carolina Wren on feeder with Downy Woodpecker


The Carolina Wren prefers a mixture of unsalted peanut butter, ground suet and corn meal made into a pudding by Ron. It also eats pieces of pure suet after itís been pecked at by woodpeckers and the bits that fall to the ground.


The Carolina Wren often feeds on the ground under the feeder. 29 December 2017


It's doing OK despite very cold temperatures at night, -22 C and -19 C for example. 29 December 2017