Neotropic Cormorant at Cranberry Marsh in Whitby

Adult Neotropic Cormorant (left) at Cranberry Marsh, east platform. It's smaller than the Double-crested Cormorant on right. It has a smaller bill and its throat pouch is edged in white, which is visible in the video. There are only 16 previous records of Neotropic Cormorant to December 2016 in Ontario that have been accepted by the Ontario Birds Records Committee. Found on 20 September by Mike Ferguson and later confirmed with better photos and viewing.


Video of Neotropic Cormorant perched and swimming compared to Double-crested Cormorant

Neotropic Cormorant centre right on stump compared to Double-crested Cormorants. It's smaller in size and its plumage is solid black.


Link to eBird Checklist with my photos and Charmaine Anderson's excellent flight shot

Size comparison with double-crested Cormorant on left and Neotropic showing spread wing on right.


 Neotropic is molting and has two shortened primaries visible on the right wing. Cranberry Marsh on 27 September 2017


Adult Neotropic Cormorant on right with juvenile Double-crested Cormorant on left. Cranberry Marsh on 27 September 2017