Pine Warblers and More at Niagara Falls

One bright yellow male and one female Pine Warbler are coming to seed at Dufferin Islands in Niagara Falls, Ontario. According to the Birds of North America on line, Pine Warblers are unique among Parulidae for their ability to consume large amounts of seeds such as pine seeds, and some come to bird feeders in winter, which is the situation we have here. Both birds also foraged in the bark along branches and in the tops of trees.


Two Videos:  1. Male Pine Warbler foraging like a mouse in the grass  

2. Female Pine Warbler eating cracked corn

Male Pine Warbler foraging in the grass and rough area beside the mowed grass area.


Male Pine Warbler eating seeds


Pine Warbler really liked this pile of cracked corn. Click on photo for video of female eating seeds.


The female was all over the cracked corn, but also foraged along tree branches. Dufferin Islands, Niagara Falls ON on 21 January 2017.


Tufted Titmouse, one of at least 5. Very tame, will eat from people's hands.


Not countable as a wild bird, this female Mandarin is a charmer among all the Mallards.


The IBA count was cancelled due to fog, so we looked at the ducks, gulls, Pine Warblers and more at Dufferin Islands. 21 January 2017.