2017 Point Pelee Favourites - page 2

VIDEO: Big Fox Snake at Hillman Marsh on 7 May 2017. It was swimming, then it went into a hole on the bank of the cell.


VIDEO: Please click on photo above or this link for video showing all the action. Hundreds of Common Terns put on a spectacle of nature at the Tip of Point Pelee as they plunge-dived after small fish. Other gulls, terns, ducks and cormorants were benefiting too. 11 May 2017.


Sandhill Cranes at Hillman Marsh on 28 April 2017


We were surprised to see this adult Bald Eagle perched on a branch over the Woodland Trail in an area with full tree canopy above it. Maybe it was stalking Wood Ducks. Point Pelee on 3 May 2017.


First summer Lesser Black-backed Gull at Hillman Marsh on 21 May 2017


Loved seeing all the Bonaparte's Gulls in breeding plumage on their way to the Boreal Forest of Canada to breed. 30 April 2017


Hatchling Blanding's Turtle found by Karl Bardon. Thanks to Don Sutherland and Mike Oldham for confirming the ID. Hillman Marsh 21 May 2017.


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