California Scrub-Jay in British Columbia

Resident in the coastal states south of BC from Washington to Baha California, this species is now regular in some residential neighbourhoods of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, where it has bred in recent years. 19 September 2018.


VIDEO: Two California Scrub-Jays in a Maple Ridge neighbourhood where they seemed quite at home


After a long search we found the area they were frequenting in Maple Ridge, and it was where the food supply was - see next photo.


The jays were gleaning hazelnuts (top left corner) from this tree in a garden. We watched them carry off hazelnuts to consume. At first we thought they were eating acorns, but when we couldn't find the oak tree, we discovered them going into this tree. 19 September 2018.


Our first sightings of them in early morning were in fog, which soon burned off.


Two California Scrub-Jays in Maple Ridge BC on 19 September, the last day of our trip.