2018 Video Index

Wild Turkey Sees its Reflection - Pickering on 1 April 2018


Turkey Vultures and Raven on carcass - Carden Alvar 31 March 2018


Ducks on Canal Lake - Carden Alvar 31 March 2018


Male and female White-winged Crossbill eating road grit - Carden Alvar 31 March 2018


The Amazon River starts here in Peru at the confluence of Maraņon and Ucayali Rivers just upriver from Iquitos - Amazon


We explored rivers and tributaries in our skiffs - Amazon


Monk Saki Monkey at Zapote River on 27 February 2018 - Amazonia


Gray and Pink River Dolphins - Amazonia


Green Iguana at El Dorado Creek on 28 February 2018 - Amazonia


Spectacled Caiman and potoo or nighthawk - Amazonia


Yellow-rumped Caciques at the nest tree in village - Amazonia


Large-billed Terns - Amazonia


Uakari Monkey and Woolly Monkey at the Centre on 3 March 2018 - Amazonia


SNOWY OWL on roof eying something on nearby driveway beside road - 22 March 2018


VIDEO 1: Pair Red Crossbills at Visitor Centre in Algonquin Park, VIDEO 2: Red Crossbill Eating Road Salt, VIDEO 3:  Red Crossbills at Costello Picnic Area on Opeongo Road - 16 March 2018


Evening Grosbeaks at Algonquin Park Feeders  16 March 2018


Redhead x Ring-necked Duck - 17 March


VIDEO of hybrid Redhead x Ring-necked Duck swimming 15 March


Barnacle Goose near Schomberg - 13 March


Opossum and Fox Brookbanks 11 March


GENTOO PENGUINS TAKE THE PLUNGE in Antarctica, February 2018


Snowy Owl looking about - North of Toronto, 29 January


Harlequin diving and preening with Common Goldeneyes - Burlington, 28 Jaunary


Three Glaucous Gulls Bluffers Park - 20 January


Snowy Owl eating dead duck or gull then cleans its face in the snow - Frenchmans Bay, 18 January


Female King Eider diving and eating Zebra Mussels - Frenchmans Bay, 2 January


Adult and juvenile Kumlien's Gull Bluffers Park, 1 January 2018