2018 Video Index

December 2018

Winter Gulls in Barrie on 24 December 2018


Gullwatching at Brantford Landfill on 13 December 2018


November 2018

Common Redpolls on weed seeds on Ravenshoe Road near Keswick on 22 November 2018


Gem the Calliope Hummingbird feeding and resting on 20 November 2018


Pine Grosbeak in Huntsville, Ontario on 17 November 2018


Barred Owl hunting at dusk near Toronto on 14 November 2018


Female Evening Grosbeak at Cranberry Marsh near Toronto on 14 November 2018


Coyote in our garden on Brookbanks Ravine in Toronto on 7 November 2018 - video and photo


Bonaparte's Gulls Feeding Frenzy on Lake Simcoe, Ontario on 6 November 2018 - video and photo


Northern Mockingbird feeds on bittersweet berries near Toronto on 3 November 2018 - video and photos


October 2018

Hudsonian Godwit fattening up to continue its long flight to South America. Whitby on 20 October 2018


Rondeau Great Kiskadee Refound on 18 October 2018


Aberrant pale Double-crested Cormorant cooling itself by "fluttering the gular" on 9 October 2018


Aberrant pale Double-crested Cormorant swimming, fishing, flying and preening in Barrie on 7 and 9 October 2018


Cackling Geese on Halls Road North, Durham Region, on 3 October 2018


Bull Moose in Algonquin Park on 2 October 2018


September 2018

Long-billed Curlew feeding at Blackie's Spit on 19 September 2018


Two California Scrub-Jays in a Maple Ridge BC neighbourhood where they seemed quite at home. 19 September 2018


Surfbirds video and listen to their haunting vocalizations at Oak Bay, Victoria BC on 18 September 2018


Very active Dipper swims and feeds at Goldstream Provincial Park on 17 December 2018


Black Turnstones at Whiffin Spit Park on Vancouver Island on 17 September 2018


Wilson's Snipe view from above as it bobs up and down to music on the waterfront at Salmon Arm on 9 September.


Salmon Arm Shorebirds: Juvenile Long-billed Dowitchers, Stilt Sandpiper, Hudsonian Godwit, and a Wilson's Snipe making huffing sounds on 9 September 2018


Sabine's Gull at Penticton BC on 8 September 2018 - video and photos


VIDEO: California Quail on fenceposts near Osoyos BC on 6 September 2018


Buff-breasted Sandpipers at Boundary Bay BC on 5 September 2018


June 2018

Red-headed Woodpecker pair brings food to young and pounds insects on their anvil at Sibbald Point on 16 June 2018


Upland Sandpipers watching over their young and communicating with each other - Carden Alvar on 10 June 2018


Female Ruff at Cranberry Marsh in Whitby, Ontario on 7 June 2018


 Snowy Owl surveying from its high perch on Concession 8 on 3 June during the Huron Fringe Birding Festival

Snowy Owl on top of hydro pole at Highway 21 and Concession 8 on 3 June during the Huron Fringe Birding Festival

Sandhill Cranes with young on Elsinore Road on 2 June during the Huron Fringe Birding Festival

Clay-colored Sparrow singing its buzzy song on the JI Sideroad during the Huron Fringe Birding Festival on 2 June 2018

May 2018

VIDEO: Least Bittern stalking prey and consuming a fish - Colonel Sam Smith Park on 24 May

Wilson's Phalarope preening, swimming and feeding at Blenheim Lagoons on 21 May

Shorebirds feeding in the sprinklers at Blenheim Lagoons on 21 May 2018

Shorebirds at Hillman Marsh, Mersea Roads and Wheatley - 12 videos

Point Pelee Videos - 10 videos


April 2018

Wild Turkey Sees its Reflection - Pickering on 1 April 2018

 March 2018

Turkey Vultures and Raven on carcass - Carden Alvar 31 March 2018

Ducks on Canal Lake - Carden Alvar 31 March 2018

Male and female White-winged Crossbill eating road grit - Carden Alvar 31 March 2018

SNOWY OWL on roof eying something on nearby driveway beside road - 22 March 2018


VIDEO 1: Pair Red Crossbills at Visitor Centre in Algonquin Park, VIDEO 2: Red Crossbill Eating Road Salt, VIDEO 3:  Red Crossbills at Costello Picnic Area on Opeongo Road - 16 March 2018


Evening Grosbeaks at Algonquin Park Feeders  16 March 2018


Redhead x Ring-necked Duck - 17 March


VIDEO of hybrid Redhead x Ring-necked Duck swimming 15 March


Barnacle Goose near Schomberg - 13 March


Opossum and Fox Brookbanks 11 March


February 2018

The Amazon River starts here in Peru at the confluence of MaraŮon and Ucayali Rivers just upriver from Iquitos - Amazon


We explored rivers and tributaries in our skiffs - Amazon


Monk Saki Monkey at Zapote River on 27 February 2018 - Amazonia


Gray and Pink River Dolphins - Amazonia


Green Iguana at El Dorado Creek on 28 February 2018 - Amazonia


Spectacled Caiman and potoo or nighthawk - Amazonia


Yellow-rumped Caciques at the nest tree in village - Amazonia


Large-billed Terns - Amazonia


Uakari Monkey and Woolly Monkey at the Centre on 3 March 2018 - Amazonia


Gentoo Feeding Chick and Sheathbill: Snowy Sheathbills: The white chicken-like birds in the video are Snowy Sheathbills, the only species of landbird on the Antarctic continent  It is a clever scavenger in penguin colonies. Port Lockroy, Antarctica. February 2018.

VIDEO: Gentoo Chick Feeding and Getaway. This parent has stored digested food and regurgitates it. The young sticks its bill inside the adultís. Chicks always want more and donít want the parent to leave. Port Lockroy, Antarctica. February 2018.

Chinstrap Penguin feeds two chicks. Feeding two chicks is a challenge. Hungry chicks stimulate their parents to regurgitate by tapping bills and poking the adults. Half Moon Island, Antarctica. February 2018.


GENTOO PENGUINS TAKE THE PLUNGE in Antarctica, February 2018


January 2018

Snowy Owl looking about - North of Toronto, 29 January


Harlequin diving and preening with Common Goldeneyes - Burlington, 28 Jaunary


Three Glaucous Gulls Bluffers Park - 20 January


Snowy Owl eating dead duck or gull then cleans its face in the snow - Frenchmans Bay, 18 January


Female King Eider diving and eating Zebra Mussels - Frenchmans Bay, 2 January


Adult and juvenile Kumlien's Gull Bluffers Park, 1 January 2018