Two Greater White-fronted Geese in Toronto

Two Greater White-fronted Geese fed on grass emerging through melting snow in Bluffers Park, Toronto. The breast and belly patterns on these adults were so different that each could be identified. Goose 1 is on left and Goose 2 is on right. Regular but rare wintering visitors in southern Ontario, Greater White-fronted Geese are delightful to watch, knowing that they have come from northwest of Hudson Bay.


VIDEO: Greater White-fronted Geese at Bluffers includes eating algae from rocks. Listen for typical "laughing" vocalizations.

Bluffers Goose 1. Belly pattern from left side. Bluffers Park on 23 January 2020. These adults have pink bills with a hint of orange and variable black bands and patches on the belly and lower breast. They likely are the North American subspecies Anser albifrons frontalis from Alaska and across northern Canada to Hudson Bay.


Bluffers Goose 1. Front view.. 23 January 2020.


Bluffers Goose 1. Left side view. Bluffers Park on 23 January 2020.


Bluffers Goose 2. Right side. 23 January 2020.


Bluffers Goose 2. Left side. Bluffers Park on 23 January 2020.


Are they the Frenchmans Bay Greater White-fronted Geese or different?

The assumption was that the Bluffers Greater White-fronted Geese were the same two that had been at Frenchmans Bay in Pickering, not far away. The photo below is of one Frenchmans Bay Greater White-fronted on 6 January 2020. Its underside markings do not match either of the Bluffers geese shown above.

Greater White-fronted Goose showing its breast and belly markings at Frenchmans Bay on 6 January 2020


 Frenchmans Bay goose, may be the same as the one above, but is unlike either of the Bluffers geese. Frenchman's Bay on 6 January 2020,