January 2020

Female Barrow's Goldeneye in Peterborough on 29 January 2020


Covey of Gray Partridges in Ottawa on 29 January 2020


Gray Partridges feeding on weed seeds in Ottawa on 28 January 2020


Greater White-fronted Geese at Bluffers Park in Toronto on 23 January 2020.


Kumlien's Iceland Gulls at Bluffers Park in Toronto on 23 January 2020


Snowy Owl eating a duck, then perched on top of pole - Frenchmans Bay on 17 January 2020


Snowy Owl checking the ducks and preening - Frenchmans Bay on 15 January 2020


Mountain Bluebird in Rouge Urban National Park on 7 and 9 January 2020


Varied Thrush watches from white pine at Bark Lake on 7 January 2020


Northern Hawk Owl perched beside road in Schomberg on 6 January 2020


Harlequin Duck swims, feeds and preens on river at Port Hope on 2 January 2020


Snowy Owl rests on rock jetty near Presqu'ile on 1 and 2 January 2020


Purple Sandpipers feed on algae mat at Presqu'ile Provincial Park on 1 January 2020


Spotted Towhee at Prince Edward Point on 1 January 2020