Whimbrel Migration in Toronto on 24 May 2015

1819 Whimbrels migrated past Toronto on 24 May 2015. It was the most exciting Whimbrel watching we had ever experienced. Please click on photo above to see video.


300 Whimbrels swirled about us, trying to find a spot to land and rest. We all crouched down and eventually the strategy worked as 18 Whimbrels, then another 37 landed on the rocks beside us. 


Among them was this Whimbrel with a white flag indicating it was banded in Canada. I will post its information when I receive it.


Bruce Wilkinson made and installed these signs high up on the pole to give Whimbrel Point its name in Colonel Sam Smith Park, Toronto. 


One of 25 flocks that migrated past Whimbrel Point on 24 May.