Ruff in Simcoe County North of Toronto

Adult male Ruff on a flooded farm field in Simcoe County on 24 April 2017. Found by Dave Szmyr. Rare Eurasian vagrant.


Click photo above or this link for video of Ruff feeding on field

Black face, neck and front; orange crown, nape and golden back. Male Ruffs sport a variety of plumages and colours. In breeding plumage, Ruffs have a supplemental plumage that includes the neck ruff and head tufts, inconspicuous on this bird. After it will develop bare orange warty skin at the base of the bill around the face.


White underwing is an ID character and shows in flight. Simcoe County on 24 April 2017.


Ruff in Simcoe County north of Toronto on 24 April 2017