Quest Nature Tours

High Arctic Canada and Greenland, 14 to 25 August 2006

Polar Bear feasting on a dead Beluga Whale on 17 August 2006


I thank Barry Griffiths of Quest Nature Tours for inviting me to be a leader on this High Arctic Expedition Cruise aboard the Akademik Ioffe from Resolute Bay in Nunavut across Baffin Bay to Qaanaaq in Greenland. We returned to Resolute Bay via Pond Inlet. Highlights: 12 Polar Bears, about 36 Musk Oxen, Arctic Foxes, 200 Beluga Whales, Narwhals, Walrus, white morph Gyrfalcon, 24 Ivory Gulls and more.


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This Polar Bear was on an ice flow near Croker Glacier, Devon Island. Photo 17 August.


Kayaking near a Polar Bear going for a swim after feeding on dead fish. Photo 23 August.


These discoloured bears were feeding on dead fish that had been trapped in a lake. Photo 23 August.


Our first zodiac cruise on 16 August took us to a bay with 200 Beluga Whales.


Musk Oxen in Greenland on 21 August.


Walrus on Devon Island on 23 August.


Akademik Ioffe at Qaanaaq in Greenland.