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November 6-13, 2004

Scroll down for five photos. Also see Costa Rica page 2.

I thank Quest Nature Tours for the opportunity to lead this expedition cruise.

We sailed from Costa Rica to Panama on Cruise West's Pacific Explorer. Daily zodiac landings allowed us to explore national parks and nature reserves: Curu Wildlife Refuge, Tortuga Island, Cano Island, Casa Orquidas on Golfo Dulce, Corcovado, Manuel Antonio, and Isla Coiba (Panama).

Red-capped Manakin at Corcovado National Park

Male Great Curassow at Corcovado.

Mother White-faced Capuchin Monkey with young at Manuel Antonio National Park.

Three-toed Sloth at Manuel Antonio National Park.

Mangrove Black-Hawk at Curu Wildlife Refuge

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