Costa Rica and Panama Cruise - Page 3

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Colourful crab on the beach at Darien on 22 March 2007


The night before our cruise, we stayed at Hotel Bougainvillea in San Jose, amidst 10 acres of lovely gardens.

Blue-crowned Motmot at Hotel Bougainvillea, San Jose, on 17 March 2007.


Prevost's Ground-Sparrow in compost pile at Hotel Bougainvillea on 17 March 2007. With distinctive facial markings, the Costa Rican form of this ground-sparrow (Melozone cabanisi) may be different from the form occurring in north Central America (Melozone biarcuatum), from which it is separated geographically by a wide gap. Also called White-faced Ground-Sparrow.


White-eared Ground-Sparrow at Hotel Bougainvillea on 17 March 2007.


Squirrel Cuckoo at Hotel Bougainvillea on 17 March 2007.


Tent-making Bats on underside of a large leaf at Casa Orquideas, Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica on 20 March.


Mangrove Yellow Warbler on Coiba, Panama, on 21 March 2007


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