Galapagos Day 2 - Santa Fe - Barrington Island

Galapagos Sea Lion pup at Barrington Bay on Santa Fe Island on 12 November 2011.


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In the morning we visited Santa Fe Island and in the afternoon South Plaza.


Galapagos Sea lion on Santa Fe Island on 12 November 2011.


Our group studies a Lava Lizard on Santa Fe. 12 November 2011.


Lava Lizards on Santa Fe are a separate species: Microlophus albermarlensis. 12 November 2011.


George photographing the Santa Fe Land Iguana. 12 November 2011.


This Santa Fe Land Iguana Conolophus pallidus is only found on Santa Fe.


The small endemic Galapagos Rice Rat is found only on Santa Fe. Its population has recovered since the removal of goats in the 1960s.


Cordia in bloom on Santa Fe Island.


Galapagos Dove is endemic to the Galapagos Islands.


Cactus Ground-Finch fed on the fruit of Opuntia cactus.


Galapagos Mockingbird Nesominius parvulus barringtoni, the subspecies on Santa Fe Island, took the cactus fruit away from the Cactus Ground-Finch.12 November 2011.


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