Crimson-fronted Parakeets at Hampton Inn, San Jose, Coast Rica

Over 100 Crimson-fronted Parakeets roost every night at the Hampton Inn near the San Jose airport. This is a spectacle of nature to watch them come to the palm trees in front of the hotel. 25 February 2017


VIDEO:  Crimson-fronted Parakeets come in to roost for the night

The parakeets are noisy and gregarious. Suddenly at sunset, everything went silent until before sunrise. If you want to see them again in the morning you have to get up really early as they depart for feeding areas around sunrise. They seem to show affection for each other as they groom one another. 25 February 2017.


They may get minerals from the palm tree to help with digestion, as do parrots and parakeets in Amazonia at palm licks


They hung out on the roof and ledges of the hotel.