Razorbill at the mouth of the Niagara River, 19 November 2006

Kevin McLaughlin and I went with Willie D'Anna and Betsy Potter to Niagara-on-the-Lake to look for the Razorbill discovered on the Buffalo Ornithological Society (BOS) field trip earlier on the morning of 19 November 2006.. Willie and Betsy were in cell phone contact with their friends across the River on the American side at Fort Niagara, who could see the Razorbill. They helped us locate it on the Canadian side. We couldn't see it from the parkette on Front Street, so we went to the golf course at the north end of Front Street where we walked out the pathway leading to the monument and cut across the grass to the bank of the river below a slope/mound where we had a clear view of the river. We soon spotted the Razorbill left of the green marker (buoy) on Lake Ontario near the Canadian side. Soon after Ron Tozer posted for us on Ontbirds, it flew back to the American side.