Akimiski Island Birds, 22 May to 11 June 2008

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Male Marbled Godwit on territory on 6 June 2008.

From 22 May to 11 June I volunteered as a member of an Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources team on Akimiski Island, Nunavut Territory, headed by research scientist Ken Abraham. We surveyed Marbled Godwits, Canada Goose nest production, and northbound shorebird migration. Scroll down for six pages.

Akimiski Island is the largest island in James Bay. Uninhabited, it covers 3001 square km. Our camp was on the northeast coast. Map by Andrew Jano.

The pack ice of James Bay was close to shore. Photo from helicopter on 31 May 2008.


Arctic Terns breed on gravel bars north and south of camp. 8 June 2008.


American Pipits were common northbound migrants. 26 May 2008.


Large flocks of Lapland Longspurs streamed north to breed in the Canadian Arctic. Male on 25 May 2008.


Female Lapland Longspur on 6 June 2008.


Snow Buntings were common northbound migrants in late May. 24 May 2008.


Lincoln's Sparrows sang day and night in and around camp even in inclement weather. 3 June 2008


Merlins nested in a spruce behind camp. We heard and saw them daily. 24 May 2008.


Green-winged Teal pair near camp on 1 June 2008.


Red Foxes were a common sight at the camp. 1 June 2008.


Snowshoe Hares around camp were very tame. The electric fence may protect them from Red Foxes and Lynx. 30 May 2008.

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