Juvenile Curlew Sandpiper, Fort Erie, Ontario
5 October 2008

Curlew Sandpiper in full juvenal plumage. Scalloped upperparts and white rump visible in above photo. Juvenile Curlew Sandpipers begin their first prebasic (postjuvenile) molt much later than in Dunlins. See molting Dunlin in third photo below. 5 October 2008.


Distinctive dark anchor marks in scapulars evident in photo above. This faded individual has lost its peachy breast bloom typical of fresher juveniles. The short drooped bill (Dunlin-like) suggests a male whereas females tend to have longer more decurved bills. 5 October 2008.


A Dunlin well advanced into its first prebasic molt, but still retaining some juvenile feathers such as the black belly spots and scattered reddish scapulars. 5 October 2008.