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Prairie Smoke, Carden Alvar's signature wildflower, on Windmill Ranch. 12 June 2009


Cattle enhance grassland habitat for Loggerhead Shrikes and grassland birds. 2 June 2009


Fledgling Loggerhead Shrikes on 14 June 2009. Digiscoped from public road.

Digiscoped from public road.

Fledgling Loggerhead Shrike. Digiscoped from public road.


Green Frog at Sedge Wren Marsh on 12 June 2009


Eastern Bluebird at Cameron Ranch on 12 June 2009.


Balsam Ragwort is an alvar specialty plant. Cameron Ranch on 12 June 2009


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Carden Alvar Birding Guide - by Ron Pittaway