Phainopepla in Brampton, near Toronto, Ontario

This is the second record for Ontario if accepted by the Ontario Bird Records Committee. The first record was a first basic male from 27 December 1975 to 21 January 1976 at Duttona Beach, Elgin. See 2005 OBRC Report in Ontario Birds Volume 23 Number 2, page 68, August 2006. Scroll down for six photos.

Phainopepla on Ascot Avenue on 22 November 2009. Many thanks to Dian Bogie, Sue, Shirley and all the neighbours who welcome birders into their backyards to see the Phainopepla. Here's a photo of the welcome birder refreshment stand.


Phainopepla is molting into first basic plumage in Brampton on 12 November 2009. Note molt contrast in flight feathers. New black first basic primaries contrast with brown juvenal primaries.


In their first year, Phainopeplas undergo a supplemental molt and a first prebasic molt, which include body and flight feathers. See above old brown juvenal primaries and secondaries contrasting with new black primaries, secondaries and a new black tertial. This bird has also molted most of its tail feathers. One retained brownish juvenal tail feather contrasts with new black tail feathers. 12 November 2009.


The undertail coverts are broadly fringed with white. 12 November 2009.


In the late afternoon light, the Phainopepla appeared blue while feeding on Multiflora Rose Rosa multiflora. 12 November 2009. Thanks to Don Sutherland for identifying the food it is eating.


This Phainopepla is still undergoing body molt on the breast and belly. 12 November 2009.