Mute Swans wreck Red-necked Grebe Nest

Mute Swans wrecked a Red-necked Grebe nest at Colonel Sam Smith Park in Toronto on 23 May 2010. A pair of Red-necked Grebes had a nest with three eggs on this floating platform. The eggs were there in early morning until two Mute Swans pulled the nest apart while the grebes tried to defend it, but were outsized. The eggs presumably fell into the water. The grebes called plaintively. When the swans swam a short distance away, the Red-necked Grebes began rebuilding the nest.

They dragged vegetation from the bottom of the bay


and piled it on the nest platform.


However, soon one of the swans returned to the nest and the grebes swam a short distance away, unable to compete.. 23 May 2010.


More...25 May 2010

This morning, 25 May, the Red-necked Grebes were seen copulating on the nest platform. At 11 a.m. one grebe was back on the nest while the other brought vegetation to build it up.