Carden Alvar - Least Bittern and More

On Saturday 30 April 2011, Eleanor Beagan and I toured the Carden Alvar. Scroll down for nine photos.

Least Bittern at edge of cattails on Centennial Park Road on 30 April 2011 was a highlight.


Least Bittern on Centennial Park Road on 30 April 2011


Two Ospreys on a hydro tower on Kirkfield Road 48 just west of Kirkfield. The left Osprey had a fish and the right Osprey brought a long stick as if to start building a nest, but let it go. 30 April 2011.


Upland Sandpiper at the top of a hawthorn bush on Shrike Road on 30 April 2011.


Great Blue Herons at heronry on east side of Shrike Road, 30 April 2011.


Wilson's Snipe late in the evening on Wylie Road. 30 April 2011


Brown Thrashers were singing from high perches. 30 April 2011


Porcupine on Rockview Road on 30 April 2011


Sharp-lobed Hepatica on Alvar Road



Carden Alvar Birding Guide - by Ron Pittaway