Algonquin Park on 4 February 2012

Ron Pittaway and I visited Algonquin Park on 4 February 2012. We saw this adult male Evening Grosbeak at the Visitor Centre feeders, which were bustling with about 35 colourful and noisy grosbeaks.


Female Evening Grosbeak at the Visitor Centre feeders in Algonquin Park on 4 February 2012.


Ron and I enjoyed feeding Gray Jays on Opeongo Road.


A female Moose was close to Highway 60, likely looking for salt to lick.


It had a large calf that stayed in the bush behind.


We saw only seven Pine Grosbeaks and they were feeding up high on White Spruce cones on Opeongo Road. Ron remarked he hadn't seen them eating spruce seed very often. In winter in Algonquin Park where Mountain Ash is scarce, they eat the buds of maples, aspens and willows.

During our four hour visit to the park, at Spruce Bog were several Gray Jays and a Boreal Chickadee, and we heard a few Red and White-winged Crossbills fly over. On Opeongo Road was a Northern Shrike, a small flock of Pine Siskins, and three or four Gray Jays. Small numbers of Pine Siskins were feeding on the main highway. The Visitor Centre feeders had Evening Grosbeaks, Blue Jays, American Goldfinches and two Common Redpolls.