Carden Alvar Wildlife

On 14 June 2013, Ron Pittaway and I visited Carden Alvar with our good friends Willie D'Anna and Betsy Potter of New York State.

Indian Skipper Hesperia sassacus on Yellow Hawkweed, Wylie Road, Carden Alvar, on 14 June 2013. We saw 20 species of butterflies, thanks to Willie and Betsy.


Common Roadside Skipper Amblyscirtes vialis on Wylie Road, north of the Sedge Wren Marsh and just north of the cattle corral on Sulphur Springs Ranch. 14 June 2013


Betsy Potter took this photo of a Silver-bordered Fritillary Boloria selene atrocostalis on Wylie Road. 14 June 2013.


Underside of Canadian Tiger Swallowtail Papilio canadensis feeding at a wet spot on Wylie Road. 14 June 2013.


We found two Snapping Turtles beside Shrike Road at the Carden Carwash on the Talbot River. This Snapping Turtle did not move when we approached. It may have been about to lay its eggs, Since it was off the road, we felt it was safe to leave it there. 14 June 2013.


A Smooth Green Snake about 50 centimetres long was crossing Wylie Road. 14 June 2013.


 It flicked in and out its forked red tongue with black at the tip, In this way it "smelled" around in front as it crossed the road.


This colourful Pumpkinseed Sunfish was on Canal Lake. For ID, we thank John Casselman and Jon Ruddy. Jon also commented it appears to be a purebred, since there is a lot of Pumpkinseed/Bluegill hybridization. 


Rock Sandwort Minuartia michauxii likes alvar pavement habitat with very thin soil such as open areas on Alvar Road. 14 June 2013.


We heard several Golden-winged Warblers as we walked Wylie Road. 14 June 2013.


Upland Sandpipers were vocal and visible, standing on posts and tops of trees. Likely they had young walking about hidden in the grass. 14 June 2013.


Cattle grazing maintains uneven and short grass microhabitats benefiting many birds such as Loggerhead Shrikes, Upland Sandpipers, Vesper Sparrows and Common Nighthawks. Windmill Ranch on Wylie Road.


Carden Alvar Birding Guide - by Ron Pittaway


Carden Alvar Birds - 20 May 2013


Carden Alvar on 6 June 2013