Gulls at the Tip of Point Pelee

Adult Laughing Gull at the Tip of Point Pelee. First summer Bonaparte's Gulls in background. 6 May 2013


First summer Little Gull on 5 May 2013. There were at least three first summer Little Gulls and an adult.


First summer Glaucous Gull on 6 May 2013. Aged as a first year by brownish underparts, dark eye and lack of white tip to the bill.


Third summer Lesser Black-backed Gull on 18 May 2013. Impressive numbers of Lesser Black-backed Gulls were at the Tip. The highest number was on 17 May, with an adult in full breeding plumage and 6 immatures, most were in first summer plumage.


Second summer Lesser Black-backed Gull with Bonaparte's Gulls on 15 May 2013.


First summer Lesser Black-backed Gull on 8 May 2013.


Tip of Point Pelee on 15 May 2013