Hoary Redpoll in Toronto

A "Southern" Hoary Redpoll (exilipes) is still coming to my nyger feeders in Toronto. Hoary Redpoll is paler overall than Common Redpoll and has a contrasting white rump. 5 February 2013.


Back of Common Redpoll (left) is much browner than Hoary above. More lightly marked flank streaks and stubbier more obtuse-shaped bill than Common Redpoll are features of a Hoary. Toronto on 5 February 2013.


Hoary Redpoll has very lightly marked to immaculate undertail coverts. This Hoary has one very narrow streak on the undertail coverts. Toronto on 5 February 2013.

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Hoary Redpoll in Toronto January 2013

Hoary Redpolls at Norland Ontario in January 2008