Female King Eider at Stoney Creek, Ontario

Female King Eider on Lake Ontario at Millen Road, Stoney Creek, east of Hamilton on 8 December 2013


Same female King Eider on Lake Ontario at Stoney Creek, Ontario on 8 December 2013. There is a female Common Eider close by at Fifty Point allowing close comparison of the two species. Identification of female Common and King Eiders can be tricky. A good way to tell these eiders apart is to study the shape of the bill, position of the nostrils and facial feathering.


This illustration is from The Birds of Canada by W. Earl Godfrey (1986). It shows the position of the feathering on the bill relative to the position of the nostril. On (a) King Eider female the feathering does not reach the nostril. On (b) Common Eider female the feathering extends to below the nostril.


Link to female borealis Common Eider nearby on Lake Ontario at Fifty Point, Ontario