2013 Point Pelee Highlights - Page 1

Red-headed Woodpeckers put on a great show, feeding in the trees and on the East Beach near the Tip of Point Pelee. May 2013.


We wondered what the woodpeckers were picking up off the sand, was it beetles, fly larvae? 9 May 2013.


Swallow-tailed Kite flew south over the Visitor Centre parking lot in full view of an awestruck crowd. 4 May 2013.


On Ontbirds, we tracked the movements of the Swallow-tailed Kite from the time the Burrells found it east of Wheatley. 4 May 2013.


An unbanded Loggerhead Shrike spent an afternoon at Sparrow Field where it caught and ate an Eastern Fox Snake. Both are species at risk: the Eastern Loggerhead Shirke is endangered and the Eastern Fox Snake is threatened. See video link below. 8 May 2013.


The brownish retained primaries suggest this is a first year Loggerhead Shrike in first alternate plumage. 8 May 2013.


Video of Loggerhead Shrike eating an Eastern Fox Snake at Point Pelee. 8 May 2013.