Red-headed Woodpecker near Pickering, Ontario

First year Red-headed Woodpecker at Whitevale near Pickering, Ontario on 17 March 2013. Discovered by Eleanor Beagan in early January 2013, it is now undergoing its first head and body molt. See comparison with the photo below taken on 1 February 2013 when it was still mostly in juvenal plumage. New red head feathers are replacing old brown juvenile head feathers and new bluish-black feathers are replacing old brown juvenile scapulars.


First year Red-headed Woodpecker mostly in juvenile plumage on 1 February 2013 at Whitevale near Pickering, Ontario, when it had a couple of red head feathers and a few blue feathers on its back.


Note new bluish-black scapulars. This young woodpecker has so far survived a very cold winter. 17 March 2013.