Loggerhead and Northern Shrikes on the Carden Alvar


On 9 April 2013, Eleanor Beagan and I went to the Carden Alvar expecting to see some Loggerhead Shrikes. We were surprised to see several Northern Shrikes in areas usually occupied by Loggerhead Shrikes. The identification problem at this time of year is that many adult Northern Shrikes have all black bills and their barring below has worn off or is very faint.

This Northern Shrike was on Wylie Road between Bluebird Box 5 and 10. Its mask is narrower than on Loggerhead, pinching in between the eye and bill with whitish feathering at the base of the bill instead of black. 9 April 2013.


We saw two Loggerhead Shrikes along McNamee near the entrance to the quarry road. Compared to Northern Shrike, this adult Loggerhead Shrike has a wider mask with the black extending over the top of the bill. 9 April 2013.


Same Loggerhead as above. Compare with next two photos of a Northern.


This Northern Shrike was on Kawartha Lakes Road 35. 9 April 2013.


Northern Shrike on Kawartha Lakes Road 35 showing white over the top of the bill. 9 April 2013. Other adult Northern Shrikes were on Shrike Road and at the Cameron Ranch parking lot on Kirkfield Road 6.

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