Yellow-rumped Warbler in Toronto Snowstorm

The biggest snowstorm in five years hit Toronto on 7 and 8 February 2013 with over 24 hours of continuous blowing snow accumulating to 35 cm. It was a challenge to keep the Yellow-rumped Warbler's suet from being covered in snow. We went out every 45 minutes to clear off the snow and refresh the suet so that the warbler could feed regularly. Temperatures dropped to -11˚C overnight.


The Yellow-rumped survived and on Saturday 9 February at 8 a.m. it was on the feeder again eating its special suet. Ron Pittaway prepares this particular diet of crumbly beef suet (used for making pies, available at grocery store) mixed with dried mealworms. Also, Eleanor Beagan gave us her own suet mixture to add, and Ian Cannell, who dropped by with Norm Murr, gave us two slabs of his special peanut butter mix to try.


The Yellow-rumped Warbler has been coming to the feeders since 16 December 2012: