Young Killdeer and American Robins at Point Pelee

Adult Killdeer on West Beach on 17 May paired with adult below. Both adults were watching over three chicks. 17 May 2013.


Second adult Killdeer with retained old coverts and scapulars (normal) taking care of same three young on West Beach on 17 May 2013.


One of three chicks running about feeding itself on the West Beach on 17 May 2013. A pair of Killdeers nested on the roof of the Point Pelee Visitor Centre. On about 15 May, three chicks jumped off the roof to the ground below. Where did they all go from there? Rather than stay around the Visitor Centre where they could be disturbed constantly or run over, it seems logical that they went the short distance, about 200 metres, to the West Beach.


American Robin nest on Point Pelee Visitor Centre sign. 18 May 2013.


American Robin cleaning the nest with three young on sign at Point Pelee Visitor Centre. 18 May 2013.