Carden Alvar Provincial Park


We are very pleased to announce that in March 2014 the Ontario government made official CARDEN ALVAR PROVINCIAL PARK, which comprises 4737 acres of the former Cameron and Windmill Ranches and another smaller adjoining property. This is a special park where cattle grazing will continue to provide habitat for the endangered Eastern Loggerhead Shrike and grassland birds.

Loggerhead Shrike on the Carden Alvar on 24 April 2014,


The best way to experience the Carden Alvar is from the public roads or by walking some of the designated trails. There are several well known spots to view Loggerhead Shrikes from public roads such as on Wylie Road at bluebird box 10 and from the Cameron Ranch parking lot on Kirkfield Road 6.  Ron Pittaway's Carden Alvar Birding Guide is on the OFO website at