Bill Gilmour's Bird and Butterfly Garden


Ron Pittaway and I visited on 23 August 2014

Bill's garden at Presqu'ile near Brighton, Ontario, is a paradise for butterflies and birds. A visual feast, every plant is selected for its attractiveness to butterflies and birds.


Bill points out his stand of Joe-Pye Weed, a native plant that is a magnet for butterflies and birds


Giant Swallowtails love feeding on colourful Zinnias, which are native to the Americas.


This year is much better for Monarch Butterflies.


Buddleia or Butterfly Bush is favoured by many species of butterflies such as this Great Spangled Fritillary, but it isn't a food plant for larvae.


This Question Mark could not resist the allure of Butterfly Bush.


Hummingbird Clearwing Hemaris thysbe is a small diurnal sphinx moth.


Hummingbird moth


American Goldfinch drinking from a water drip, which is an important component of Bill's garden


This Baltimore Oriole and about 14 species of warblers visited the water drip and pools on 23 August 2014.


This Song Sparrow bathed in the small pool featured below.


Small pool and water drip at left side.