Oregon Junco near Port Perry


This Oregon Junco, a rare visitor to Ontario from the West, is coming to feeders at the home of Gordon Ross on Durham Road 21 (Goodwood Road). The homeowners welcome birders and we thank them for for allowing us on their property to view the feeders from their driveway. Thanks to Dave Mudd for reporting it. Oregon Junco is a western subspecies of the Dark-eyed Junco. 15 February 2014.


The Oregon Junco comes in to feed every half hour to 45 minutes then retreats to trees behind the house. 15 February 2014.


From the intersection of Lakeridge Road 23 and Durham Road 21 (Goodwood Road) go east on Durham Road 21 about 1 km or so. It is the gray house on north side just before Mast Road, which runs south. The sign in front says 115 and Croftbeg. Note: This is quite a bit west of Highway 12 and the built up town area of Port Perry. Lakeridge Road 23 runs north-south and starts at Lake Ontario just west of Cranberry Marsh.