Update: Brookbanks Ravine Merlins on 25 and 27 July 2015

Five Merlins are still here on 25 July 2015. Ron saw five together this afternoon when an adult brought in food and four other Merlins appeared and circled around. We weren't sure whether it was four juveniles and one adult, or three juveniles and two adults. Update: We are confirming that on 27 July we saw four juvenile Merlins together on same branch.  It's easy to see three juveniles together in the tall maple where they like to perch, and sometimes the four together. On 25 July, one of the juveniles perched on the neighbours roof.


We wondered what the Merlins were eating. Here it looks like a female House Sparrow. 19 July 2015. Adults are constantly bringing food.


This looks like a nestling being devoured by two juvenile Merlins, which an adult brought in on 18 July.


 2 Videos: Two Merlins sharing food and one Merlin finishing the meal


This also appears to be a nestling brought in on 19 July. Could the adults be raiding nests?


Links to the story of our Toronto Merlins


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