Amherst Island Hawks and Owls

21-23 January 2016

Beautiful almost all-white Snowy Owl on 23 January 2016. Eleanor Beagan and I saw 16 Snowys on 22 January. All photos taken from public roads.


Snowy Owl on roof with solar panels. 22 January 2016.


American Kestrel about to take off on 23 January 2016. This was the only one we saw.


We saw 7 Bald Eagles on 22 January and 8 on 23 January.


Male Northern Harrier with prey on 23 January 2016. Our count was 8 on 22 and 6 on 23 January.


Rough-legged Hawk hunting from a fence post on 23 January 2016.


We tallied 18 Rough-legged Hawks on 22 January, and 15, including one dark morph, on 23rd.


On 22 January we counted 29 Red-tailed Hawks, three of which were abieticola Northern Redtails. Most of the Redtails we saw well were southern Redtails, more lightly marked than Northern Redtails.


Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk on 22 January.


Two Red-tailed Hawks in one tree. 23 January.


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