Carden Alvar 2016

27 May and OFO trip on 29 May 2016

Upland Sandpiper on hydro pole suggests its young have hatched and are walking about in the grass. Upland Sandpipers perch on taller objects to watch over them. 27 May 2016. On the OFO trip, an Upland Sandpiper flew about in front of us, perched on a stalk, then perched on top of a hawthorn bush, giving everyone great looks.


Wilson's Snipe on fence post. 27 May 2016


Clay-colored Sparrow. On the OFO trip this sparrow sat up and sang and sang for us.


On the morning of the OFO trip on 29 May we watched several Sedge Wrens in the Sedge Wren Marsh on Wylie Road.


Click photos or link for video of Sedge Wren and Marsh Wren on the OFO trip. Ron Tozer comments on the video sound track.

In the afternoon, Marsh Wrens sang at the large Prospect Road Marsh


Eastern Towhee singing its distinctive Drink your teeeeeea song on 27 May 2016.


Please click link for video of Eastern Towhee on Wylie Road


OFO Group

OFO group on Wylie Road and free-range cattle, which are essential to maintaining the alvar grasslands. Their roaming and uneven grazing keeps the grass at a perfect height for Loggerhead Shrikes, Upland Sandpipers and other grassland birds preferring short grass. I love this photo by Don Panko because it captures the essence of the Carden Alvar, the open grasslands, cattle and OFO members enjoying this amazing place. 29 May 2016.


OFO group at our last stop at the south marsh on Prospect Road. 29 May 2016


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