Common Loons at Barrie

The Common Loon spectacle in Barrie is an opportunity for close study of Ontario's provincial bird

Many of the hundreds of Common Loons in Barrie are molting from breeding plumage to winter plumage. On 23 October 2016, I counted 1300 and there were many more still out there I didn't count. All the loons close to shore on 23 October were adults in various stages of molt. I did not see a close juvenile to photograph. The loon in the above photo has remnants of breeding plumage: blotchiness on foreneck and scattered white spots on back. Please scroll down for more examples of molting adults.


Mottled foreneck and white spots on back are remnants of breeding plumage. Kempenfelt Bay must have a good supply of minnows to feed all these loons and enable them to molt during their stay. 23 October 2016.


Mottled foreneck and white spots and squares on back are remnants of breeding plumage.


Plain foreneck but identified as an adult by the white squares and spots on its back. 23 October 2016.


Many spots on the wing - remnants of breeding plumage. 23 October 2016.


This Common Loon has almost completed its molt from breeding to winter plumage except for a few lingering white spots on its back.


A few lingering spots are the clue to an adult Common Loon. 23 October 2016.

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