Banded Loggerhead Shrike on the Carden Alvar

This Loggerhead Shrike was on the Carden Alvar on 15 April 2016. It was on the wires on a public road as we were driving.


Ontario is on the brink of losing its breeding population of Loggerhead Shrikes. The 2015 population was the lowest since monitoring began in 1991. The 2015 population consisted of only 11 confirmed nesting pairs, plus 1 probable breeding pair. This included 7 pairs on the Carden Alvar and 5 pairs in Napanee. In addition, there were 13 unmated shrikes: 9 in Carden, 3 in Napanee, 1 in Grey-Bruce (Wildlife Preservation Canada). The large number of unpaired shrikes (13) strongly suggests that the lack of mates is a major problem. (Ron Pittaway)


The band combination is left: red over metal; right: yellow over orange.


For more information Please see Ron Pittaway's Carden Alvar Birding Guide

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