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Adult male Long-tailed Ducks at Frenchman's Bay, Pickering just east of Toronto. 23 February 2016. The two elongated central tail feathers give this duck its name. Adult males look alike. Their scientific name Clangula hyemalis means Noisy Winter Duck, yet the males give the distinctive owlomewlet vocalizations all year round.


Long-tailed Ducks in Pickering

Male Long-tailed Duck using its tail like a rudder then two flicking their tails as if gesturing


Adult male Long-tailed Duck on 22 February 2016


Long-tailed Duck with short central tail feathers, possibly second winter (reference Birds of the Western Palearctic). 22 February 2016.


The following photos show that these presumed first and second year males are highly variable.

The best way to identify immature male and female Long-tailed Ducks is by bill colour. Godfrey (1986), Pyle (2008), National Geographic Guide (2011). The birds on this page have blackish bills with a pink saddle.

First winter male Long-tailed Duck on 23 February 2016


Male Long-tailed Duck with short tail. 21 February 2016


Another male Long-tailed Duck lacking long central tail feathers. 28 February 2016


 28 February 2016.


First winter male with pink coming in on bill and white scapulars. 28 February 2016.


Male Long-tailed Duck - a very brown first winter plumage 28 February 2016


Male Long-tailed Duck  28 February 2016


Male Long-tailed Duck first winter 25 February 2016


Male Long-tailed Duck on 28 February 2016.



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