Massasauga Rattlesnake in Muskoka

MASSASAUGA (Rattlesnake): This morning Ron Pittaway and I were thrilled to see this robust Massasauga rattlesnake near the shoreline of Georgian Bay in Muskoka. Its rattles are clearly visible in the video and last photo. For about an hour, we watched it soaking up the early morning sunshine from a safe distance without alarming it, before it slowly moved out of sight. We thank friends for telling us where to see this impressive Massasauga. They believe it is the same female that they've seen for several years at the same location. One summer, they saw her with live-born young. 4 June 2016


Video: Massasauga moving from bright sun into vegetation

Close-up showing the vertical slit eye, a sign of a venomous snake. 4 June 2016.


Close-up of the rattles at end of tail. 4 June 2016.

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