Mudpuppy at Brodie Club

We had a fine presentation about Mudpuppies at the Brodie Club meeting in Toronto on 18 October 2016. Our speakers were Aleta Karstad and Fred Schueler who brought a Mudpuppy to show us. They organize Mudpuppy viewing excursions in winter at Oxford Mills near Kemptville near Ottawa. I've never seen a Mudpuppy before. Photo by Ron Pittaway.


Please click: Video of Mudpuppy at Brodie Club

This is Ontario's largest salamander and it's very secretive. Easier to see in winter when they are more active than in summer, they can be found in clear creeks with just the right water levels, not too high and not too swift.


Mudpuppies are aquatic at all stages of their lives. The red you see are the external gills.


Please click link: More information about Mudpuppy viewing at Oxford Mills

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